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A little word of mouth from people who I've worked with.

Amy has a real talent for pitching UX to a broad range of stakeholders, brainstorming new and innovative solutions to business challenges, and managing even the most complex projects.
— Corbet Fawcett, Director of User Experience at Kobo Inc.
Amy worked directly with the web teams I managed at Kobo. She has a strong eye for UX design and a keen intuition for designing experiences that engage users. One of the most impressive talents Amy brings to the table is an extremely strong ability to collaborate and adapt her designs to accommodate technical constraints without sacrificing the overall experience. My teams always looked forward to working with Amy.
— David Rouse, Development Manager at Kobo
Amy always has the customer in mind. She looks to improve user experience by creating intuitive and engaging designs. I was excited to work with Amy because of her positive attitude and passion. Together we worked on concepts and presented designs for high profile projects at Disney Online Studios.
— Justin Bruckal, Business Systems Analyst at Disney Online Studios
Her vision of a project from the topmost level down to the most finite of details ensures the highest caliber of outcome for both clients and internal teams. I look forward to all future initiatives with Amy, knowing her involvement will reward everyone with success.
— Mike Zablocki, Account Director at Publicis
Amy led user experience for a web-based growth initiative and was very thorough covering all cases customers would potentially encounter. She helped get buy-in of the solution from numerous technical and business stakeholders. I enjoyed working with her and appreciate her efforts.
— Tarandeep Singh, Growth Marketer at Kobo Inc.
Amy, is one of the best designers I have worked with. Not only is she incredibly creative, but her attention to detail is par to none. It is incredible how she can take her client’s vision and deliver a product that far exceeds all expectations.
— Vlad Rascanu, Founder at 80 Proof Digital

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