Portfolio of Amy Mamtura

Springboard: Commuter App

In 2006, after returning to Toronto from a two month visit to my home town, Mumbai, I became amazed at the stark difference I noticed between the bustling vendor filled journeys on Mumbai's trains and commutes in Toronto's quiet and lifeless subway system. I became inspired to observe and study the isolated behaviours of commuters and came to the discovery that the TTC was a massively under-utilized social environment. After conducting user interviews, I conceptualized Springboard, a social networking platform that imagined a socially comfortable way for people to connect and enjoy their journey on the TTC

Success story

In 2008, Spacing magazine invited young minds of Toronto to submit their creative ideas on how to improve Toronto's public spaces. Architects, urban planners, landscape architects, designers and artists submitted concepts, prototypes and grand schemes. Springboard was a top finalist and was published in Spacing Magazine. In addition, Springboard also garnered attention from Spark, CBC's National Radio Show, and media attention during displays at Harbourfront Centre, Richmond Gallery and Toronto's City Hall.