About the product

In 2016, I was the UX/UI Designer working on the Achievers product; an employee recognition and rewards platform used across the world by notable companies such as Samsung, Air Canada, VISA and many more. Achievers makes it possible for companies to promote frequent peer-to-peer recognition and boost workplace satisfaction. Employees earn points each time they are recognized for great work and can redeem them for their preferred rewards from Achievers' online marketplace. 

The specific challenge

Within the Achievers platform, there are additional tools such as the Results Driver. It allows companies to set up incentivized campaigns to motivate employees to achieve short-term business goals. The Results Driver tool was limited in it's functionality - admins could only set up individual campaigns whereby participants individually compete for rewards. Through user research, Achievers discovered that companies wanted the ability to run team-based campaigns. The challenge was to redesign the current tool and add functionality for a more robust campaign style.


New features

1)  Create a team-based campaign
2) Add, update or remove participants from teams
3)  Set how rewards will be distributed in a team
4) Allow participants to view team's progress
5) Bring mobile experience up to par with desktop

Campaign creation userflow

Creating a new campaign

Admins can now select their preferred campaign style: individual or team-based


Invitation to participate in team challenge

Employees learn about the challenge, which team they are on, how they earn points and how points are awarded.


Mobile app

Check campaign stats, create a new campaign and view participant leaderboard on the mobile app.