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Kobo Loyalty Experience

Kobo Loyalty Experience

Designing the experience for Kobo Superpoints Membership

About this project

In 2015, I was the Lead Information Architect for Kobo's new loyalty product called SuperPoints. The project spanned 8 months of the roadmap, and required close collaboration with teams in Toronto, Ireland and Japan. 

The UX Challenge

Design an end-to-end e-commerce experience that rewards book lovers for their love of reading through the membership product. This included discovery of the membership product in the online store, adding the product to cart, purchasing, accumulating points and redeeming them for rewards online—weaving all touch points together into a seamless experience.

Process and artifacts

Journey Map → User Flows → Wire framing & Copy Direction 

Stages of the journey

→ User discovers the VIP membership product on Kobo eStore

→ User add the VIP membership product to cart

→ User sees benefits of the VIP membership applied to cart and store

→ User tracks recent purchasing activity with VIP membership

→ User redeems VIP rewards towards new purchases

User flows

How a customer purchases a VIP membership

High fidelity wireframes

Coming soon.


Within the first month of launching the new product experience, Kobo surpassed it's 12 month revenue goal. The user experience was successful at helping users discover the loyalty product on the e-commerce site, learn about its benefits, add the product to cart and finish purchasing it – at speed and with ease.

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